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Baldwin expands cleaning portfolio with TowerClean G2 for coldset offset presses

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Baldwin Technology Company has added TowerClean G2 for coldset offset presses to its range of cleaning systems and consumables. Complementing the Impact Fusion and Prepac product lines, the TowerClean G2 is a combined blanket and guide roller cleaning system that enables consistent print quality, more flexibility and increased productivity through fast and efficient cleaning cycles, which optimize uptime and reduce start up waste.

For efficient blanket cleaning, TowerClean G2 distributes spray evenly across the web, and its optional brushes aid in lint removal. Utilising Baldwin’s precision spray technology, this innovative system also has a dual side option for those printers running coated stock paper. In addition, TowerClean G2 offers various operation modes, including combined blanket and guide roller cleaning, blanket cleaning only and guide roller cleaning only.

‘TowerClean G2 brings Baldwin surface cleaning technology to the small format press market,’ said Michael Stürmer, Baldwin’s vice president, product line cleaning. ‘While highly valued for their format flexibility, these presses often do not have the space needed for conventional blanket cleaning. With its modular and expandable design, the TowerClean G2 provides several configuration options to meet production requirements.’

To support this new system, Baldwin offers its Fogra approved cleaning solvent TowerWash 2, which was specifically created for TowerClean G2.

‘The TowerClean G2 was developed because of requests from customers, and we have, in fact, already sold two systems to web offset printers in Europe and the US,’ continued Michael. ‘This new system further reinforces Baldwin’s strong commitment to creating innovative cleaning technologies for web offset customers.’


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