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Beatus Cartons hails the Rapida 106 as ‘best investment made’

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When Porth based Beatus Cartons took the decision to invest in a Rapida 106 seven colour plus double coating press, it was the company’s first significant investment in capital equipment for over 20 years. The business was about to make a huge jump in technology and performance with a new press manufacturer. Naturally there was apprehension in the family run folding carton printing business. However, after overcoming a steep learning curve and a global pandemic, the business has undergone a major transformation in performance and quality and promises much more for the future.

Beatus Cartons managing director Clive Stinchcombe stated, ‘The investment in the press is the best decision we have ever made. We are more than 40% above the previous production plan for the existing press and we have been able to both win new business and secure our existing clients due to the technology that we have on the press. Without the investment, it is debatable that we would have been considered for some of these contracts. After a difficult period during the pandemic, we are now anticipating that we will see growth of between 10% and 12.5% in 2021 and new doors are open to us now we that have the right equipment in place.

‘We have improved our product portfolio, won new customers and made significant capacity improvements.’

He continued, ‘Observing the productivity improvements that the new press has brought has changed our thinking about the future for Beatus Cartons. We were sceptical that we could achieve the levels of performance suggested by Koenig & Bauer but we are very pleased to say that we are achieving those numbers now. We will never wait another 20 years before investing in new press technology again.’

Project manager Andrew Butler added, ‘Once the operators adapted to a new way of working with the press technology and its colour control system they became very confident that they could ‘print to the numbers’. Make readies have improved and running speeds are much higher due to the confidence on our short run jobs as the QualiTronic ColorControl system removes the doubts that the operators have and updates the colour values far quicker than they can adjust manually.’

He added, ‘Our operators now prefer to run the Rapida as they are very confident that they can perform all the demanding tasks required of them at much higher speeds. Our quality throughout the company has improved as all jobs are approached in the same way and we have a large amount of repeat work which is exceptionally good on the Rapida as we recall all the previous settings and load them back onto the press. We are normally in colour within a few sheets.’

Beatus Cartons’ Rapida 106 features seven printing units and two coating units allowing a broad range of effects and finishes to be produced in one pass. The press has a top speed of 18,000 sheets per hour and can print with both UV and conventional inks and coatings. Additionally, it comes equipped with a host of features that enable the highest of performance and quality levels.


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