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Bell introduces reused ocean plastic for 2022

Packaging Solutions

One of the most exciting new developments in the plastic packaging industry is our ability to access and reprocess the post consumer waste found on our beaches, riverbanks and along the perimeters of our oceans.

There can be no excuse for rubbish being discarded into the environment and Bell is one of the first companies in Europe to endorse and support the collection and recycling of these materials.

In 2019 Bell launched Retran – a polyester based material containing a minimum 70% recycled content. The credentials of this material are very high – pharmaceutical and food grade, with excellent clarity and full certification. The product has been hugely successful and nearly 80% of our customers around the world have switched to this exciting new product.

The 70% recycled content meets the new plastic packaging tax being introduced in April 2022, however Bell recognised the need to keep moving forward and in 2021 introduced Biojet. In simple terms, this is Retran with an additive that stimulates and accelerates the biodegrading process.

Whilst both of these products have been hugely successful, the company recognised that even more needed to be done. Bell has therefore worked throughout the pandemic, to identify reliable sources of plastic derived from the ocean. In simple terms this is ‘Reused Ocean Plastic’.

The polymer used to produce the new packaging is being sourced from companies who organise local communities to collect plastic waste from beaches, riverbanks and ocean perimeters. Generally, these are communities who do not have the infrastructure for waste management but by paying local people to collect the plastic and deliver it to recycling facilities, the problem is reduced.

As we have all seen, there are large quantities of plastic waste floating in the sea. If we can help to collect and reuse some of this waste, and turn it back into useful products, then we are taking a significant step forward towards a better global environment.

The new material has been extensively tested and meets the minimum strength requirements. It has excellent optical qualities and testing to date reports that there has been no difference in the performance of the new material, compared to Retran, Jetran or Biojet packaging.

Bell Packaging has started converting Reused Ocean Plastic for its forming and insert divisions, with tubing and boxes to follow in 2022.


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