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Berry innovation improves recyclability of vending cups

Packaging Solutions

The launch by Berry Superfos Beverage Systems of vending cups made solely of polypropylene (PP) means the cups can now be more easily recycled after use.

Berry’s ongoing innovation in its manufacturing processes has enabled the company to manufacture the mono-material cups, making their recycling a real possibility in regions where there is the appropriate recycling infrastructure in place for PP.

‘This is a huge step forward from the former polystyrene cups, a material that is not considered commonly recyclable due to a lack of recycling collection and infrastructure,’ commented Nigel Cannon, UK sales manager, Berry Superfos Beverage Systems. ‘In addition, the new PP cups are top quality and are produced with a minimum amount of material to ensure their low weight.’

The PP vending cups can be used for both cold and hot drinks. A further advantage is their safety brim fill gap, which means there is a little extra space at the top of the cup. This gap allows for contraction when held, thereby preventing risk of the drink overflowing – a big plus, especially when people enjoy hot drinks or soups.


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