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BillerudKorsnäs expands the sustainable FibreForm range

Packaging Solutions

The 3D formable BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm paper offers a low carbon packaging alternative to plastic and an exciting opportunity for inspiring designs. The creative FibreForm is cold formable and available in both white and brown paper.

The FibreForm material helps brand owners on their journey towards sustainable packaging. First, the paper’s high strength enables packaging, such as carrier bags, to be reused multiple times. The paper is cold formable and, therefore, requires less energy than plastic packaging during converting. Furthermore, it is 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

In response to the growing consumer demand for sustainability and the need to ensure brands can align packaging with their environmental values, the range has been supplemented with unbleached, brown paper for the following applications:

Reusable carrier bags – strong paper bags can be reused at least 50 times, carry loads of up to 21 kg and support the EU directive to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

Paper cup sleeves – the deep embossing of FibreForm paper provides superior thermal insulation and protects hands for an improved drinking experience.

Paper plates – FibreForm can be used in existing thermoforming and press forming lines to produce sustainable paper plates without investing in new machinery.

‘FibreForm allows for deeper embossing than regular paper. This offers brand owners the chance to create unique 3D effects, a memorable tactile experience and, ultimately, increase their brand loyalty and awareness,’ said Peter Sundvall, sales director sack and bag at BillerudKorsnäs.


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