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Bluetree restructures to focus on books and booklets

Print Solutions

Bluetree has made the decision to move all resources back onto print, mothballing its medical division. Over the pandemic, the group managed to secure an DHSC contract to manufacture Type IIR masks but with demand for masks in decline all resources are now focused on print.


‘Over the last 18 months, the focus of the business has increasingly moved to print as demand for masks dropped and the opportunities in print grew stronger. Recently we have made the decision to put all of our energy and resources behind the area of the business that we have seen growing fastest, books and booklet printing,’ said Adam Carnell, co-CEO.


In October 2021, Bluetree Group acquired book printer Kingsbury Press, bringing with it a wealth of experience in book production and specialised finishing techniques. Originally based in Doncaster, in May of 2023, the group made the decision to relocate all operations into the main site on Manvers Way. Binding and finishing operations now take place in Unit B, which previously housed the medical division and is located adjacent to the main production facility.


‘The acquisition of Kingsbury Press brings new skills into the group that will enable Route1Print to broaden the range of products that we offer as standard but also to handle much more complex projects that might present as an opportunity,’ said Mark Young, managing director, print division.


The most significant part of the reshuffle has been with the group’s senior management team. Jon Smith who was the managing director of the medical business has taken the role of production director. Jon started with the business in 2015 and previously ran the Instantprint brand. 


Phil Tasker will be taking over as head of Kingsbury Press. Phil joined in 2022 and has run the group’s trade offering, Route1Print. Jack Parks moves from sales director for the medical business into head of Route1Print. Jack joined the business in 2019 and originally ran the Instantprint Direct brand.


‘Getting all of our team aligned behind our biggest growth areas will allow the business to move faster than we could previously and enable us to expand the range of products and services that we offer to our customers,’ added Mark.



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