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Packaging Solutions

Following recent trials undertaken at Tomra as part of Nextloopp’s lead up to demonstrate the PolyPprism technology at commercial scale, the team has trialled its innovative fluorescent markers on MCC Verstraete’s in-mould labels (IML).

For these trials Tomra’s Autosort unit, Flying Beam, with integrated UV illumination was used. Direct spectophotometric measurements analysed the strength of the fluorescence emissions to ensure that there was sufficient fluorescent signal to provide the highly effective sorting of food grade labelled packs.

The trials, which resulted in 100% purity and 100% yield during internal tests, propel the multi-participant project a step closer to their goal to produce high quality recycled food grade polypropylene (FGrPP).

Having established these successful sorting rates, Nextloopp is working with MCC Verstraete, one of the 48 participants, to showcase NextCycle IML, a new generation of in-mould labels that features automatic detachment and removal during conventional recycling processes.

NextCycle IML consists of an adhesive free, fully printed (with non bleeding inks) PP label wrapped around a PP tub that is separated from the containers at the grinding and air elutriation stages. This technology readily separates printed label flakes from natural PP container flakes and avoids the risk of ink and decoration contamination.

This innovative technology means that brands can have fully decorated IML containers that are used over natural PP substrates to provide a separate stream of natural PP free from print and label residues.

Further trials are to follow on Nextloopp participant branded products to demonstrate the viability of using new generation decorative technology designed for polypropylene (PP) packaging that can be effectively sorted and decontaminated back to food grade resins.


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