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C&T invests in sustainable manufacturing

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C&T Matrix (C&T) set an objective to reduce manufacturing waste by up to 40% by 2022 through initiatives such as recycling selected waste streams produced during manufacture. It is doing this by transforming manufacturing processes at its UK production plant and investing in new technology.

To achieve this goal C&T has recently invested a significant figure into new equipment including extruders, laser measuring devices and routing gear, which will allow the company to increase its output of single piece matrix. Single piece matrix not only reduces the amount of trim and scrap PVC material produced, it also offers end user benefits in terms of the overall accuracy of the channel and integrity of the matrix shoulders. The new laser equipment measures the single piece matrix during manufacture to ensure uniformity, allowing for adjustments to be made and thus avoiding waste.

C&T has also introduced other sustainable measures such as the recycling and the reuse of its locator component throughout the factory, as well as a move to more environmentally friendly product packaging.

Simon Shenton, C&T Matrix, managing director said: ‘The introduction of single piece matrix production will prevent 60 to 70 tonnes of waste per annum.

‘Cultivating sustainable credentials is a long term strategy for C&T. Ongoing operational improvements, increasing the reuse of internal waste and investing in new planning and manufacturing technology is part of a wider strategy which we will continue to review and implement.’


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