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C&T Matrix standardises matrix bases giving sustainability benefits

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C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) has announced that it has standardised the colour of all PVC creasing matrix base material to a blue colour to achieve sustainability targets and increase production efficiency.

From May 23, all plastic matrix produced by C&T Matrix at its manufacturing facility in the UK will now feature a common dark blue base material combined with a lighter blue locator. This standardisation will give benefits in terms of recyclability and sustainability, with the company investing heavily in several environmental programmes. It has indicated that the standardisation of colour will dramatically reduce the waste associated with switching colours throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, PVC can now be fully recycled by C&T and fed back into the production process.

Finally, the team has taken the opportunity to make several technical improvements, including enhanced adhesion between the locator and strip, and better print quality of the product size on both locator and strip.

Simon Shenton, managing director, commented: ‘This development is a great example of the benefits of C&T’s lean manufacturing ethos to improve our sustainability practices and increase efficiency. This has a knock on effect for our customers in terms of maintaining stock holding and ensuring product range availability.’


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