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Canon launches first carbon neutral, technical wide format papers

Paper Solutions

Canon Europe has announced the launch of Red Label Zero FSC and Recycled White Zero FSC, a cradle to customer carbon neutral, technical wide format papers for the architectural, engineering, construction and manufacturing (AECM) industry. Both products are FSC certified and 100% carbon neutral.

Red Label Zero FSC and Recycled White Zero FSC are also EU Ecolabel certified. This means these products have guaranteed, independently verified, low environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle. The Red Label Zero FSC is lightweight and available in 30 varieties including ISO (DIN) and ANSI sizes. Weighing only 75 g/m2, Red Label Zero FSC is available in a range of widths from 210 mm to 1067 mm, and in 175 metre or 200 metre roll lengths. When ordering a pallet, customers are given the option to have it delivered unboxed to cut back on packaging and reduce waste.

Slightly heavier at 80 g/m2, Recycled White Zero FSC comes in a range of widths from 297 mm to 914 mm in 150 metre rolls and is made from 100% recycled, post consumer recycled paper, making it the ideal choice for any sustainably conscious organisation. Both papers are compatible with the ColorWave, PlotWave and imagePrograf series, as well as with other printer brands in the market, providing a versatile option for the AECM industries.

To ensure both papers are as sustainable as possible, the company partners only with suppliers who meet the highest standards of responsibility, as demonstrated by their FSC certification, and are constantly striving to improve production processes to minimise CO2 output. Canon has also worked to reduce the number of transport movements to further lower the carbon output in the overall supply chain from paper mills to end customers/resellers. Any carbon emissions that remain in the process are offset against recognised compensation programmes through ClimatePartner, which works worldwide on carbon emission reduction projects, such as hydropower and wind energy projects.

Maurice Pardoel, director product line management and operations at Canon Europe – imaging supplies, said: ‘We are taking sustainability seriously across all our product portfolios at Canon to reduce our carbon footprint and also to help our customers lessen their impact on the environment, which is why we are excited to launch the first cradle to customer, carbon neutral, technical wide format papers for the AECM market. Partnering again with ClimatePartner has enabled us to extend our carbon neutral paper range, while supporting sustainable climate projects to offset emissions and providing our wide format customers with a cleaner option that aligns with their sustainability goals.’

The company has worked with ClimatePartner since 2012 to offer end to end carbon neutral office papers: Black Label Zero, Top Colour Zero, and Recycled White Zero. For the last few years, Black Label Zero has been its bestselling office paper throughout Europe, showing the increased demand for sustainable office papers. Red Label Zero FSC and Recycled White Zero FSC join the rest of the imaging supplies’ portfolio of sustainable, carbon neutral papers already available to customers. This paper range supports sustainable forestry, minimising carbon footprints, reducing energy waste and energy consumption and promoting the recycling of materials.


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