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Cartor ramps up tax stamp production efficiencies with Rhino E 340 investment

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Wolverhampton based Cartor Security Printers has invested in a Pantec Rhino E 340 flat embossing system. The investment means that it can continue to meet the requirements of the tax stamp market, while also being able to enhance its offering by being able to place high security hologram features on a printed web – Cartor’s current in-house capability being sheet format.

Tax stamps perform an ever increasing role in protecting consumers from counterfeit products and ensuring the reputation of manufacturers on the market. Printed security features within tax stamps vary, with the use of holograms still an extremely relevant and important authentication device, with the market for tax stamp holograms being the second largest after banknotes.

As security features, holograms cannot be copied by conventional reprographic means, nor can their effects be reproduced or simulated by conventional printing or finishing techniques. They are complex and complicated to originate and manufacture, and even the most determined forgers are unlikely to reproduce copies that are totally accurate.

Cartor’s Ian Brigham said, ‘This is a great piece of equipment that will not only allow us to upscale our tax stamp production efficiencies, it will also allow us to diversify into other secure document sectors, besides the tax stamp market.

‘Pantec could provide us with the solution we needed, allowing us to apply registered holograms in register to the print, both in line and across the web. As this is a new capability for us on reels of print, it will avoid us having to sheet the web before foiling.’

Cartor’s Rhino E 340 is due for commissioning at its UK premises in early July.


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