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Clinique launches NFC enabled product experience across 35 markets

Packaging Solutions

Clinique’s latest Moisture Surge 100H ‘More Than You Think’ campaign has married the brand identity with a fresh take on connected packaging, integrating Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into the product experience.

Partnering with connected experience provider SharpEnd, the global skincare brand designed a digitally enabled recyclable glass jar, inviting consumers to tap the NFC base label to access exclusive content and services.

Clinique’s Moisture Surge 100H connected jars, each now with their own digital identity, are being rolled out across 35 markets worldwide – Boots being the exclusive UK retailer.

The NFC interaction unlocks innovative services such as Clinique’s Daily Dehydrator Index, providing users with a personalised skincare guide, specific to their location. Once a consumer completes their Daily Dehydrator Quiz, which includes questions on various environmental and lifestyle factors, they receive individualised results with a guide to Clinique’s expert advice on keeping their skin glowing and hydrated.

The digital experience also offers access to Clinique’s virtual skin analysis tool, Clinical Reality, plotting over 80 data points on a user’s face from a single scan to provide bespoke skincare and makeup recommendations. The journey doesn’t stop with skin analysis and recommendations: consumers can take and share their personalised selfie featuring a filter with the ‘More Than You Think’ tagline.

SharpEnd is providing ongoing support to this programme with its studio, platform, and technology capabilities. The proprietary platform tracks global engagement and use, pairing it with sales data to paint a meaningful picture of the consumer behaviour and insights.

Clinique’s executive director of global retail experience, Erin Burke, said: ‘Adding NFC technology to beauty and skincare packaging is a major undertaking for a sector built on brand building traditions that often date back over 50 years. At Clinique, we are exceptionally proud and excited therefore to be at the forefront of this packaging innovation. It not only provides added customer value but also vital data to pinpoint where the product is being used and how people emotionally engage with our mobile content.’

Cameron Worth, SharpEnd’s founder and CEO, added: ‘This is a defining moment for the industry. When we look back on the meteoric rise of connected products, I believe Clinique’s launch will be referenced as the tipping point. An iconic brand positioning its 360 campaign around a connected project experience with Emilia Clarke bringing to life the NFC technology and experience across channels.

‘It has been a dream to work on this with such an amazing team and brand. We are a very proud partner.’


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