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Colpac provides accessible sustainability credentials for packaging, across multiple countries

Packaging Solutions

Colpac is providing easily accessible sustainability credentials for its paperboard food packaging. This supports end users in making informed product choices and responsibly disposing of sustainable food packaging after use. It also informs customers of recycling and composting information, and material sources, so they can align packaging choices with sustainability goals.

Quick Response (QR) codes and specific recycling instructions are printed on the company’s packaging. The information is available for national recycling schemes in the UK, France, and Italy to date. Guidance is displayed in local languages to inform end users of how to best dispose of packaging.

QR codes are linked to dynamic webpages on Colpac’s new website. The webpages can host more detailed information than can be printed on packs and can be easily updated and added to with legislation from additional countries as it is released, future proofing the format. The credentials can also be accessed via each product page on the website.

‘We are delighted to have implemented a simple way for consumers to access sustainability data for our products. Our QR codes and on-pack printing simply demonstrates how they can do this,’ said Kate Berry, head of marketing and product.

The company sells its food packaging in over 60 countries, all of which are at different stages of legislating national recycling and composting directives. These differ for each nation, and even in some cases regionally within country, meaning there is no single recycling or composting instruction for each piece of packaging. This solution provides a central location for accessing sustainability credentials for each product.

‘Customers and end users are more concerned than ever about wanting to dispose of their packaging responsibly. We hope that this will support consumers in recycling or composting our packaging, according to their national waste guidelines,’ said Talia Goldman, ESG manager at Colpac.


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