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Contra Vision launches PVC free perforated window film

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In response to the growing demand for PVC free solutions in the advertising and print industries, Contra Vision has announced the launch of Contra Vision Advance in the UK and Europe. This innovative product represents a significant step towards a sustainable range of products, whilst offering a safer alternative to traditional PVC based films. 


Advance Perforated Window Film is crafted from polyester rather than PVC, making it a lower carbon footprint option for businesses.


‘We believe that the launch of Contra Vision Advance is a crucial step towards safer and more sustainable products in our industry. By choosing polyester over PVC and incorporating our patented Grayliner technology and unique removable adhesive, we are offering our customers a PVC free alternative without compromising on quality or performance,’ said Nick Rigg, head of products and intellectual property.


Designed with versatility in mind, Advance is available in two transparencies – 30% or 40% – to suit various application requirements. With a lifespan of approximately three years in most scenarios, this product not only minimises environmental impact during use but also offers safer disposal options at the end of its lifecycle. 


Window graphic installations of this new PVC free product have already been done in the UK. Birmingham based signage company, Hollywood Monster, has used it for an installation on the Showcase Cinema de Lux in Nottingham.


The substrate was supplied by Premier Paper, one of Contra Vision’s UK distributors, after Hollywood Monster was tasked with creating signage for an upcoming film release. These new graphics and signage will grace a further 11 Universal cinema sites, undergoing changes every two months. 


‘Contra Vision's brand and product are fantastic, and now having a green alternative is just a bonus. Hollywood Monster's pioneering installation of Advance sets a commendable example for sustainable signage practices,’ said Brad West, director of wide format media and business development at Premier.


In addition to its environmental benefits of this new product, the existing range of the company’s REACH compliant perforated window films are designed to minimise solar heat gain in buildings and vehicles, reducing the need for air conditioning and further lowering carbon emissions. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance sustainability while maximising their advertising and promotional efforts. 



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