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Copper anti-microbial film proven to inactivate Covid-19 virus within four hours

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Tests have evaluated the viability of the Covid-19 virus on various films and non-porous surfaces including Safety Guard Copper Anti-Microbial Film (also known as CuGuard) from InkTec Europe. The results of which are that the coronavirus strain responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic is inactivated within four hours on pure copper.

Viruses can survive longer on hard surfaces than soft such as those with fibres, so the research explored the findings from four different common surfaces. It was found that the virus was inactivated the fastest on the copper anti-microbial film compared to 24 hours on cardboard, 48 hours on stainless steel and 72 hours on plastic. The Safety Guard film uses 99.99% pure copper and has 500% more copper content than similar products on the market. It also has PET (polyester) as a base material and as a result is more durable than an equivalent PE (polyethylene) based product. 

As Peter Davidson, head of IP consumables sales at InkTec Europe, highlighted: ‘These findings are significant. While we knew that anti-microbial copper coatings can play an important role in reducing bacterial transmission, these results show that this type of film has a significant part to play in combating Covid-19 virus transmission.’

The film is easy to install with non-adhesive and self-adhesive options, which can adapt to the variety of surfaces it can be applied to. The repositionable adhesive means it can remain in position for a time and removed without leaving residue. It can be cleaned with typical household cleaning products, such as non alcohol based multipurpose cleaners or water. The film also has high transparency and clarity which makes it particularly ideal for touch screens. 

Peter continued, ‘These copper-alloy films are perfect for any frequently touched surfaces such as desks, door push plates and handles, touchscreens, counters and power switches. As a result, we are working on a number of products using the film which will mean it is available in other formats.’

Available now as 30 metre rolls in 50 cm widths, this film is particularly good for helping protect people as part of an overall cleaning management approach. 


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