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Denmaur Paper Media Celebrates landmark of 100,000 tonnes of carbon balanced paper sales

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UK national paper merchant Denmaur Paper Media has surpassed 100,000 tonnes of carbon balanced paper sales, enabling international conservation charity, World Land Trust, to offset just over 65,000 tonnes of CO2 via its carbon balanced paper projects.

Adopted at the same time as the launch of the Revive recycled paper range, the Carbon Balanced Paper scheme has been extended to additional ranges within Denmaur’s portfolio of products, such as Amadeus and Ultra Fine Offset (to name a few) – with no additional cost for the customer.

Managing director Nick Gee commented, ‘We knew at the turn of the year that we were likely to reach this milestone at some point during the summer months, but there was an overwhelming sense of achievement when it did actually happen, sooner than anticipated.’

Denmaur’s announcement comes in the midst of a turbulent time for the paper industry.

Nick added, ‘Of course, we must be respectful that this news comes at a difficult time of energy price hikes and global logistic issues, both of which impact on the cost and availability of paper. But, sustainability remains high on the agenda across all industries, and carbon balanced paper provides a cost effective way for our customers to deliver a significant environmental message through print.’

The scheme supports the activities of the World Land Trust, which involves protecting, conserving and regenerating some of the planet’s most important forestry and biodiversity, as well as protecting the habitats of a number of critically endangered species.

Danny Doogan, Denmaur’s marketing and sustainability director, said: ‘Carbon Balanced Paper already had some traction within paper and print when we adopted it, and as the projects are based on REDD+ framework (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), it was an obvious fit bearing in mind the product we sell. Moreover, its list of notable patrons includes Sir David Attenborough, so we knew that partnering with WLT was the right choice for us.’

Carbon offsetting is seen as an important step in a carbon reduction programme alongside measures to reduce or mitigate carbon emissions in the first place.

Danny explained, ‘The paper industry has led the way in terms of continual energy and resource efficiency, with many mills boasting an array of audited international standards for quality, environmental and energy management.’

He added, ‘Carbon balancing offsets the unavoidable emissions associated with paper production and serves as a valid and measurable service for those seeking to address scope 3 through their supply chains.’

It has taken a little over five years for Denmaur and its customers to reach this achievement. Customers can carbon balance their paper orders on request or, if they order one of the Denmaur’s ‘Carbon Balanced at Source’ ranges, it is done automatically. In return, they are able to make use a registered logo and receive an official World Land Trust certificate to endorse the amount of carbon their purchase has saved.

Emma Douglas, director of development at World Land Trust, said: ‘WLT works with local partners around the world – currently in 20 countries – to save, protect and restore critically threatened habitat for wildlife, and in doing so, lock in carbon and address climate change. WLT has been saving land to save species for more than 30 years, and today our work to protect existing tropical forest habitat is more urgent than ever to save what remains of these vital ecosystems for wildlife. We couldn’t do it without the support of our partners, and we congratulate Denmaur on this significant milestone of 100,000 tonnes of carbon balanced paper.’

Nick Gee concluded, ‘There is a long way to go until we are able to turn the tide of climate change. WLT’s motto is that it is doing it acre by acre, so we will do it sheet by sheet and reel by reel with Carbon Balanced Paper.’


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