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Digimarc launches brand integrity solution to help combat counterfeiting

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Digimarc Corporation has announced the launch of its Digimarc Brand Integrity digital solution, which gives brands and their customers more sophisticated and flexible ways to verify the authenticity of products.

Digimarc’s data driven approach involves assigning each product unit a serialised digital identity that can be tracked in the cloud and accessed through a variety of on-package digital triggers, including the secure and covert Digimarc digital watermark. The powerful combination of digitised products and cloud based data makes the process of authenticating items more accurate and scalable than traditional physical authentication measures.

‘As counterfeiters have become more sophisticated and supply chains more diffuse, companies are recognising that traditional brand protection approaches that are largely reactive and reliant on trained inspectors and specialised equipment are both ineffective and inefficient,’ said Ken Sickles, chief product officer. ‘Digimarc has created a uniquely digital solution that leverages the ubiquity of smartphones and other digital devices to make product authentication much more streamlined and less prone to human error.’

Moreover, Digimarc’s support of dual factor authentication, such as scanning both QR codes and digital watermarks on a single package, provides a strong defense against bad actors accustomed to easily circumventing lesser brand protection measures.

‘Digitising products with QR codes is a great starting point,’ he continued. ‘But, when coupled with a robust product cloud and covert digital watermarks, brands can gain even greater visibility into their products and offer their consumers the chance to do the same.’

Without a singular source for product data, companies lack actionable intelligence about several product attributes. The Digimarc Brand Integrity solution helps brands to protect their reputations by giving every product a digital presence connected to a cloud based record of its journey and interactions. This can prove a product’s authenticity, uncovering counterfeits and their origin, and provide insight into a product supply chain so that brands can anticipate issues and act fast.


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