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Don't forget to enter: The Printing Charity Print Futures Awards

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The Printing Charity has rebranded its annual Print Futures Awards championing young talent working in print, paper, publishing, and packaging as the Rising Star Awards, which are now open for online entries at

To be named a 2021 Rising Star and receive up to £1500 towards the cost of training, professional accreditation or equipment to support career development, applicants need to be aged 18 to 30, resident in the UK, working in the sector, and be clear on how the award will advance their career.

Neil Lovell, The Printing Charity’s chief executive, explained the reason for the name change. He said, ‘Refreshing the name and branding makes it clear that the awards are not just about print but all the many aspects of our multifaceted sector. The sector continues to change and our awards, the largest single awards in our sector, are about celebrating the new generation of talent working within it; young people who are already demonstrating great potential.

‘We have had nearly 500 winners since the awards began and, let us face it, after 2020 we need as much positivity about the sector and its future stars that we can get. We are excited to see who applies this year and are asking businesses to encourage their rising stars to apply.’

The charity is encouraging applicants to talk to their manager, mentor or HR department about their proposed training to be sure it is right for them and their career. Training can also cover personal development such as presentation, leadership, management, and persuasion skills.

Applications close 7 March, video interviews with shortlisted applicants and industry judges will be held late March, and winners will be announced in April.


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