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Drytac announces global availability of ReTac Duo double sided mounting adhesive

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Drytac has announced the global availability of ReTac Duo double sided mounting adhesive.


Previously only available in North America but now being offered to customers worldwide, ReTac Duo is a clear, double sided mounting adhesive on a clear PET carrier. It has a permanent adhesive on one side and ReTac ultra removable adhesive on the other.


The permanent adhesive side of the film sticks to the desired graphic, while ReTac ultra removable adhesive on the other means the graphic can be easily applied, repositioned and removed for repeated use. 


Such is the flexibility and adaptability of ReTac Duo that it can adhere to walls, doors, windows, or any other smooth surface, without leaving behind residue when removed. This opens up its use in a wide range of projects including eye catching wall graphics, double sided window graphics, removable posters and more.


ReTac Duo is self wound on a two sided, PE coated siliconised kraft release paper, while the film is supplied with an outdoor durability of two years, making it an ideal solution for both short and long term applications. 


‘We are delighted to extend the availability of this innovative solution to our customers all around the world,’ said Dennis Leblanc, senior business development manager – North America at Drytac. 


‘ReTac Duo is a highly effective product that is suitable for use in a range of projects and we look forward to seeing how our customers use the film to produce all manner of creative applications.’




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