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Duo secures major new packaging contract with ACAI Outdoorwear

Packaging Solutions

Women’s clothing brand ACAI Outdoorwear has appointed Manchester based packaging consultancy and manufacturer Duo to develop a new mailing bag solution.

Founded in Wales in 2016, ACAI is committed to providing high quality outdoor clothing and accessories for women that offer style, fit and performance while also developing products that reduce environmental impact.

Duo has been engaged by the retailer to improve the design and circularity of its mailing bags, as well as enhancing the lifecycle of its packaging material to reduce waste.

For ACAI, Duo has created a brand led mailing bag design with several key features that support the business’ sustainability objectives. The mailing bag contains more than 30% recycled polythene with a design that uses only 15% ink coverage to optimise the recyclability of the packaging material and produce a better recycled pellet for reuse in packaging.

The mailing bags also feature a second glue strip and serration to preserve the glue lines, so customers across the UK and Europe can use the same bag to return unwanted items or for re-commerce sales through second hand sites. The first consignment comprised three different sizes which were introduced into circulation in May 2023.

Joe Bromley, co-founder and head of commercial for ACAI Outdoorwear, said: ‘Producing a more sustainable mailing bag was one of the key priorities for our business as part of our long term environmental commitments. We understand the importance of choosing the right packaging product and from the beginning Duo’s knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail shone through.

‘We have worked closely with the team at Duo to create a packaging solution that delivers the biggest impact in every area, from circularity through to usability and brand aesthetic. It was a very proud moment watching our very first bags coming off the production line and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We now have a much more sustainable approach to our packaging and we will be partnering with Duo for many, many more years to come.’

The mailing bags feature a QR code to quickly and easily connect customers with ACAI’s returns page, as well as clearly labelled material symbols that help inform customers of where and how they can recycle the packaging product.

Duo’s team has also supported the business to better understand the closed loop recycling process and, as a result, ACAI has installed polythene collection points at its headquarters as well as educated its team on closed loop recycling. To improve recycling processes, clear garment bags and branded outbound mailing bags will be separated into the dedicated recycling points so they can be transported to Duo’s dedicated UK recycling facility, Duclo Recycling based in Stourton, Leeds.

Duo’s brand director Zoe Brimelow added, ‘We were introduced to ACAI via HSBC’s Green SME Fund, as it identified our shared commitment to making better choices for the planet. The brand’s dedication to creating a mailing bag that was both recyclable and reusable was clear as soon as we met and we have worked with them to create a mailing bag solution that ticks all the boxes.

‘The team at ACAI has been extremely receptive to our guidance and design support, and together we have produced an exceptional end product that delivers on all of their sustainable aspirations. We are delighted with the final solution and the business’ decision to appoint us as their chosen packaging partner as a result.’


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