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Enfocus launches new product that makes job onboarding easy

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Enfocus has announced the launch of BoardingPass. This is a new tool for customer service representatives that allows them to check PDF files.

Enfocus BoardingPass allows customer facing staff to instantly validate PDF files for print. Integrated with an e-mail client, BoardingPass identifies errors that require a file to be resubmitted and automatically drafts an e-mail reply. The customer service team gains the power to provide quick and understandable PDF file feedback.

‘BoardingPass is a game changer for job onboarding, cutting waste time between production flow agents. It is easy to use, intuitive, and allows to quickly check your file and get back to the customer or pass it forward to pre-press,’ said Joana Silva, product manager, Enfocus.

BoardingPass uses simple drag and drop from an e-mail attachment or downloaded PDF. It quickly checks print job files for issues that would make the job unprintable. It also points out issues with missing fonts, image resolution, and bleed. As a standalone PDF viewer, it displays files as they will appear on press. When issues are found, a draft e-mail reply is automatically created so customer service representatives can respond to customers quickly.

The integration with WeTransfer allows users to drag and drop WeTransfer e-mails to BoardingPass which will download, open and check the PDF automatically.

If a PDF file passes a BoardingPass inspection, it can be e-mailed to pre-press or delivered to a local network server along with a report. Customer service staff need no pre-press training to be able to provide quick, clear replies regarding PDF job print readiness.

Find out more or get a free trial of BoardingPass here


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