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Expert advice from Metsä Board helps Guylian with PEFC certification

Packaging Solutions

When Belgian chocolate maker Guylian was looking to further strengthen its commitment to sustainable business, the company turned to Metsä Board, which helped it define the steps it needed to take to be able to display PEFC forest management certification on its iconic Guylian chocolate boxes.

Guylian’s seashell and seahorse shaped Belgian chocolates, with their shiny marbled exterior, are a familiar sight and taste for consumers all around the world. The company manufactures up to 75 tonnes of chocolate every day, all carefully packed into bright, white boxes that are as iconic as the sweet treats inside.

Sustainability and conservation are at the core of Guylian’s business. The company has supported the Project Seahorse marine conservation project for over two decades, and it also contributes to initiatives to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and ensure cocoa is responsibly sourced.

‘Metsa Board supplies the converter serving Guylian with quality paperboards; Guylian contacted us to find out about the forest certification process and how to get started,’ said Tom Symons, sales manager Benelux at Metsä Board.

‘Guylian is constantly looking for ways to make its business and products more sustainable, and its packaging materials are an important part. We worked closely with the company to help it understand the requirements of FSC and PEFC certification and what it needed to do to be able to display a certification logo on their boxes.’

Metsä Board’s team of sustainability experts put together a comprehensive package of information for Guylian. ‘Once Guylian had opted to pursue PEFC certification, we helped them liaise with PEFC Belgium. We also held a number of sessions to go through questions, concerns and next steps,’ explained Tom.


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