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First chocolate bars in Germany with 100% paper packaging

Packaging Solutions

A close collaboration between Koehler Paper and Leipzig based chocolate manufacturer nucao is paying off: nucao chocolate bars will now be packaged exclusively in paper.


Flexible packaging paper Koehler NexPlus Advanced, which has excellent oxygen, mineral oil, and grease barrier properties, is ideal for packaging of chocolate coated fruit products.


The 100% recyclable paper is suitable for vertical packaging machines and now also for processing on horizontal packaging machines.


The nucao bars are the first chocolate bars in paper packaging to be available on the German market.


‘From a technical point of view, this is revolutionary as vertical packaging machines have a very high production speed. Paper needs excellent strength properties to be processed in this way, without being too thick for the machines to handle it,’ explained Alexander Rauer, head of business development for flexible packaging paper. ‘Koehler NexPlus Ad vanced now offers all the necessary properties for this, allowing production speeds of 600 bars per minute to be achieved with this packaging paper. The fact that the brand owner, packaging paper manufacturer, printer, and packaging machine manufacturer were involved in the development from the outset enabled the time to market launch to be drastically shortened.’


‘Projects of this kind rely on transparency and knowledge sharing, so we are delighted to have been able to confidently go through this process with Koehler Paper. We have come one step closer to our mission to generate a positive impact on the planet with chocolate thanks to our innovative paper packaging,’ added Mathias Tholey, co-founder of nucao.



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