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Get smart with Mark Andy!

Packaging and Label Solutions

Mark Andy has announced the launch of ‘smart link’, a new real time on-press monitoring system designed to optimise press utilisation for label and package print converters. It gives production managers a real time look at what is happening on the pressroom floor, and based on this information, make better decisions on how to reduce waste and boost efficiency to improve the bottom line.

smart link, which can be accessed via a cloud based platform, can be used with new and existing Mark Andy presses, both flexo and digital, as well as other manufacturers’ press technology. Importantly, it ties all equipment together in one robust analytical tool that is accessible from anywhere with an internet hook up.

Speaking for Mark Andy, product manager Gretchen Tobol stated: ‘smart link uses our in-house expertise that is built from the ground up. Nobody understands narrow web technology like Mark Andy, and this knowledge and experience has been developed over many years of working closely with customers who use Mark Andy technology in everyday commercial environments. smart link is a converter’s tool, plain and simple, and it will allow them to maximize the effectiveness of their existing plant.’

Overall equipment effectiveness at a typical label converting plant is estimated to run at between 35% and 45%, there is leaving significant room for improvement. With hundreds of sensors and advanced integration, the new tool collects accurate data on run speeds, up time, down time, waste, and more. This data allows converters to compare jobs, presses, operators, or facilities, and take action to improve overall effectiveness.

Data is collected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be viewed in real time as dashboards on phones, tablets, computers or monitors in the plant. The cloud based data can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection providing visibility to any gaps in the production process so adjustments can be made to reduce waste, increase uptime, run speeds and profits.


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