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Latcham Direct announces rebrand

Print Solutions

Latcham Direct has rebranded as ‘Latcham’ with a new look and website.

Celebrating 10 years of operation in 2020, Latcham has gone from strength to strength, demonstrating a history of solid growth and now employing over 100 people between its office in Crawley and its purpose built print facility in Bristol. During this time, the company has developed from being a print, mail and fulfilment company to a provider of full service, tailored, personalised communications and fulfilment solutions.

Despite the challenges of 2020, plans to implement a greener working environment, such as the installation of chargers for electric cars, have forged ahead, as well as recruiting new members to the team, including Peter Tapparo as finance director and Les Keen as sales director. Its sector specialist team has expanded too, with Richard Sargent joining to support the company’s healthcare focus.

These changes, coupled with its expanding market presence, strategic refocusing on its core markets and continued investment in people, technology and customer experience, made it an appropriate time for Latcham to review how it presents the business.

The company is proud to introduce its new branding, evolving from Latcham Direct to simply Latcham. It is a recognition of the considerable equity in the name which comes from its ability to deliver professional, managed services, together with creative and inspiring work. And this new branding is complemented with a fresh, new look.

The new imagery has been designed to reflect connectivity. The connections between Latcham and its clients, the connections between organisations and their audiences that it brings to life, and the flow of information and ideas that facilitates the joined up thinking that the company is known for.

A new website,, has also just been launched. It will raise the profile of the company's online presence, offering an intuitive, engaging and accessible design.

Managing director Mike Hughes said, ‘We are excited to share this new branding, which represents an important step in our evolution as a brand.

‘We are extremely proud of what we have achieved, both over the last eleven years and under the challenging circumstances of 2020. Our new branding reflects our forward thinking attitude, which is very much part of the DNA of our company. Everything we do is with our customers in mind; we hope that these changes make the business easier to understand in terms of the breadth and depth of our service offering and further improves both the customer experience of our website and excellence of our project delivery.’


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