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Manter launches new Tintoretto Pearl H+Opacity

Packaging Solutions

Previously launched in a greaseproof version that is ideal for perfumes and cosmetics or stylishly bottled extra virgin olive oils, the Manter collection now includes this beautiful self-adhesive paper also available without greaseproof technology, thus extending the versatility of the iconic Tintoretto range.

Feltmarked for a luxurious look and texture, the pearlescent surface finish adds an extra dimension of specialness and the sparkling quality result stands out even before any print finishes are added.

There are numerous myths and folktales that stretch back as far as ancient civilisations about the meaning and importance of pearls in society, hence why they are probably one of the best loved gems of all times. Tintoretto Pearl H+Opacity FSC reflects some of the qualities of this precious and valued gemstone in both its versatility, pure beauty and classic timeless appeal as well as in the pearlescent whiteness of the self-adhesive paper that is guaranteed to produce labels that make any product's brand image stand out and maintain its premium look.

With the addition of the H+Opacity technology, Tintoretto Pearl FSC is ideal for the wine and champagne sector where labels always need to maintain a pristine appearance even after ice bucket immersion. The label will therefore maintain its initial opacity and premium brand image.

Tintoretto Pearl H+O FSC can be combined with SH6020 Plus, an adhesive developed for the wine industry to reposition misapplied labels within a few minutes after dispensation and also with SH9020, a permanent adhesive specifically developed to provide the wine industry with excellent resistance in severe damp conditions and through temperature fluctuations.


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