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Manual feed allows Eddie to print on larger food items

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Eddie is the world’s first and only NSF and GMP certified edible ink desktop printer for printing directly onto cookies and other food items.

Now, DTM Print has introduced the manual feed option along with custom food trays to make Eddie a very versatile to use food printer. If used with the included carousel feeder, Eddie can print on suitable food item such as cookies, candy, white chocolate, biscuits, marshmallows, chocolate lentils, and much more with a maximum diameter of 89 mm and 20 to 25 mm height. The manual mode extends these parameters to a maximum of 120 x 120 mm and allows thicker items with a maximum height of 27 mm. This is especially important for printing on macarons.

The ‘macaron tray’ is one of several new food trays designed especially for Eddie by DTM Print, including one for chocolate lentils and one with an engraved grid that makes positioning the food items a lot easier as users can align their products to the grid. Another tray, with a generic grid and pins, which allows the production of contoured shapes is in development. By using the custom trays, production of multiple items in one run (for example up to five macarons or 64 chocolate lentils) is easy, precise and depending on the item, faster too. DTM Print can also produce trays according to customer specifications. Customers, who already own an Eddie and now want to use the manual feed option, only need to update the PrintHub. The corresponding adjustments have already been made in the new firmware (v1.25) and PrintHub (v1.8.1.11). For the manual feed, the carousel no longer needs to be connected to the printer.


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