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Metsä Board publishes interactive roadmaps on 2030 climate and water targets

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Metsä Board has published new detailed roadmaps to help visualise the measures it will take to achieve the ambitious 2030 targets regarding climate change and water use. Roadmaps will be updated at least once a year, both in terms of the actual performance and future investments. Future investments, which are at the planning stage, are also included in the roadmaps.

The interactive roadmaps give the possibility to explore both historical and projected measures mill by mill, and their impact on achieving the targets. In the climate roadmap there are two sections – the journey towards 100% fossil free energy and working towards zero CO2 emissions. The water roadmap describes how the reduction of process water use per product tonne is expected to proceed.

Metsä Board’s targets include that, by the end of 2030, its mills will phase out the use of any fossil fuels and any fossil based purchased energy meaning that production will no longer generate any fossil based carbon dioxide emissions.

The interactive climate and water roadmaps were developed with AskKauko, a software company specialising in the collection and visualisation of sustainability data.


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