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Metsä Board wins Finnish Circular Economy and Quality Award for second year running

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Metsä Board has once again won both the Finnish Circular Economy Award and the Finnish Quality Award in the Excellence Finland assessment. Both the awards are based on an assessment using the international EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model.

In its reasoning, the jury states that Metsä Board's processes for defining direction, implementing strategy, monitoring and reporting performance are appropriate and operate effectively. The organisation is consistently working to further strengthen the themes of sustainability and circular economy in its corporate culture. The company has also succeeded in developing effective forms of collaboration within its ecosystem. This is also reflected in its performance, business results and competitiveness.

‘Our role as a forerunner in the fossil free circular economy requires us to continually challenge our way of thinking and adopt new operating models. Last year's evaluation provided a lot of useful feedback and helped us to identify areas for improvement that we have developed over the year. This year's award shows that we have taken another step forward, for which our entire staff deserves thanks,’ said CEO Mika Joukio.

‘It has been great to see how positively Metsä Board's personnel embraced last year's suggestions for further development and started to implement them. This is clearly reflected in the excellent evaluation result we received,’ said Anne Uusitalo, product safety and sustainability director.


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