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Metsä Board wins prestigious circular economy and quality award

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Metsä Board has won both the Finnish Circular Economy Award and the Finnish Quality Award in the Laatukeskus Excellence Finland assessment. The circular economy prize was awarded for the first time this year. Both the Quality Award and the Circular Economy Award are based on the international EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model.

The jury of the Circular Economy Award stated that the operations of Metsä Board are clearly outlined, with a systematic approach to defining the company’s direction, implementing its strategy and monitoring and reporting on its performance. This was considered a sign of excellent performance and good business practice, as well as strengthening a company’s competitiveness from the perspective of a circular economy.

‘The circular economy is at the heart of our operations, and I was pleased to see how it was demonstrated at every level of our organisation. This circular economy assessment allowed us to challenge ourselves and helps us further develop our operations,’ said Anne Uusitalo, product safety and sustainability director at Metsä Board.

Success in the assessment is valid proof of a company’s strategic sustainability work and its high competitiveness. ‘The results and findings of the assessment provide us with further evidence for systematic development of our operations and processes. It is important for our customers and other stakeholders that the cooperation with Metsä Board is well organised and built on a viable foundation,’ said Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsä Board.


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