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Metsä Group's tissue and greaseproof paper business achieves t second highest A- score

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Metsä Group's tissue and greaseproof paper business has achieved CDP’s second highest 'A-' score, which is a ‘leadership’ level recognition of its actions in combating climate change. This is the second time that Metsä Group’s tissue and greaseproof paper business completed the climate change survey. 


The achieved result is higher than the European regional average on level 'B' and higher than wood and paper material sector's overall average level 'B-'. The 'A-' rating is considered the leading standard for environmental transparency in the CDP rating.


‘We are very happy about this result, as it demonstrates our consistent and determined work in combatting climate change. We will continue our systematic efforts to advance our ambitious sustainability goals also in the future,’ said Johanna Kesti, Metsä tissue's senior vice president marketing, communications and sustainability.


Metsä Group's tissue and greaseproof paper business reported in the CDP disclosure on its actions to reduce emissions in 2022. These included renewing the paper machine in Mänttä mill in Finland, increasing the use of recycled plastics in packaging, and piloting to the use of wood pellets in heat generation at the Kreuzau mill in Germany.




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