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Milky’s packaging challenges perceptions in the healthcare market

Packaging Solutions

Milky has teamed up with Burgopak to produce stylish, ultra slim packaging for its lactase enzyme supplement. 


Burgopak designed an easily portable pack, so customers can always have it with them. The tablets, encased in a blister pack, are within a wallet friendly sleeve.


Milky was founded by Khai Pham, who wanted to enjoy his favourite Baskin Robins ice cream without having to worry about carrying around a bulky packet of tablets or bottle of lactase supplement. 


Rosie Reardon, CEO at Burgopak, said: ‘This was a great project to work on as Milky truly understands that the right packaging can build a brand. Milky has put the customer right at the centre of everything and created something totally different.


‘Together we landed on the 'cabrio' pack as a great fit coupled with a simple mailer. It has a compact footprint and fun opening experience that makes you smile.’


Mikey Waite, packaging expert who commissioned Burgopak on behalf of Milky, said: ‘Milky's meticulous commitment to blending convenience with sophistication extends to every detail from the tablets themselves to the packaging. Partnering with Burgopak, master of packaging innovation, ensures Milky's product not only stands out but enhances the overall user experience, perfectly complementing Milky's premium quality.’



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