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Morgana/Intec release new ColorCut SC6000 at Hunkeler Innovation Days

Finishing Solutions

ColorCut SC6000 is an on-demand digital sheet cutter, with no physical cutting dies or time consuming set up costs. The unit is targeted at busy print businesses seeking an affordable, high capacity device capable of completely unattended cutting production. The compact, free standing device is conveniently mobile, and can be easily accommodated in any print shop.

The Intec ColorCut SC6000 is a revolutionary type of automated cutter, blending flatbed and sheetfed technologies. The SC6000 combines ultra reliable feeding with an instant job retrieval system, and flawless high speed cutting and creasing. This model is the new ‘bigger brother’ of the highly successful Intec ColorCut SC5000, with a range of updated features.

The unit will cut and crease virtually any shape on up to 350 micron media and will also produce kiss-cut sheet labels. A QR code/job library retrieves the associated cut files, even for a mixed job batch run.

The ColorCut SC6000 is perfect for digitally die cutting packaging and point of sale items, as well as lightweight card projects and labels. The expanded size of the unit will be of great appeal to those producing larger format work, such as display signage.

The system utilises an eighth generation Vision3 CCD camera to read and instantly retrieve cut files for every sheet, on the fly. The SC6000 can accept a mixed stack of jobs, cutting one after the other, in a seamless and uninterrupted flow. The dual ‘Grip and Drive’ feed system holds media stable during cutting from both sides of the cutting head, enabling it to cut closer to media edges. The stacker can hold up to 900 sheets, which means that the system can be left unattended while producing medium to long runs.

A revolutionary cutting strip, based on the superior cutting mats used in Intec flatbeds, provides for an optimal surface for both cut through, creasing, and kiss-cut. SmartTags are left in the cut lines to retain the job information on the sheet, leaving a tidy and manageable stack of finished sheets in the catch tray. The high capacity auto feeder works in conjunction with the air blade for a separation and automated jog function to present every sheet perfectly for the cutter, every single time.

ColorCut Pro Production Studio software is supplied as standard, offering remarkable digital productivity for the designer and machine operator alike. The optional ColorCut Pro Server Station significantly enhances operation of the SC6000 and eases the set up of the system. The server station is supplied with the ColorCut suite of software pre-installed on the operating PC, which comes complete with a flatscreen monitor, ready to go straight into production.

In addition to the launch of the SC6000, Plockmatic will also be showing the latest version of the Morgana DigiCoater Pro 400, using an innovative coating and LED curing system. The unit will be shown on the Plockmatic booth, along with the Morgana VFL feeder, and on the Canon booth in line to an ix3200 printer.

Morgana will also have the latest creaser/folder, the DigiFold Pro XL, and will be previewing an updated version of its PowerSquare two knife trimmer, which can be equipped with a third knife for producing two-up applications through the PowerSquare range.

Commenting on the DigiCoater Pro 400 LED, Ray Hillhouse Plockmatic vice president of sales and marketing, said: ‘The LED version of the coater reduces power consumption significantly – which is a key reason for people to be very interested in this type of curing.

‘LED curing brings many advantages in the range and type of coating solutions that can be used. These, in turn, can deliver a very low cost per coated sheet.

‘We are really excited to be exhibiting these market leading solutions at the Hunkeler event. We are looking forward to receiving a lot of interest at the event.’


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