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On the go food gets greener

Packaging Solutions

Colpac has expanded its selection of recyclable multi-food pots, adding a natural kraft 950 ml pot to complete its UK manufactured range.


The new 950 ml pot has proven to be a popular size, with customers buying printed bespoke pots. The company has launched a kraft pot, with a separate rPET lid, in the new size as part of its stock range so it can be offered as an off the shelf solution to a wider customer base.


The existing range includes 470 ml, 550 ml, 700 ml, and 1300 ml pots. The new 950 ml bridges the gap between Colpac’s larger sizes, suiting higher value lunches to go and meal offerings for later day parts.


Colpac brought the manufacturing of its multi-food pots to the UK in 2022, which are produced at its factory in Flitwick, Bedfordshire. It has since developed custom food packaging for retailers, supplying 950 ml pots from its food safe, BRCGS AA+ certified factory. The company also produces 950 ml bespoke printed pots for a customer based in Europe who favours its production location to provide continuity of supply and a reduced lead time to its retail stores in Belgium.


‘Our continued, successful production of 950 ml multi-food pots for key customers helped us to identify the opportunity for this size to be added to our stocked range. We can now give our customers even more choice and support their menu development across a broader range of sizes,’ said Kate Berry, head of marketing and product.


These multi-food pots are suitable for a multitude of dishes and are particularly ideal for salads. The grease resistant interior coating means the pots can cope with oily dressings whilst maintaining their structural integrity. The effectiveness of the PE coated pots has been tested even further through their use within a successful launch of a coleslaw range for a large food producer.


The multi-food pots have a wide aperture for excellent product visibility, showcasing the dishes within. The pots can be fitted with rPET, anti mist lids, maintaining clarity in chilled display. They can also be heat sealed to provide additional shelf life beyond that of a lidded option, and with effective tamper proofing.

Along with the rest of the range, the multi-food pots are manufactured from FSC certified paperboard, proving sustainable sourcing, and can be recycled after use as they contain less than 10% plastic. The lids are also recyclable and are made with 100% recycled PET.





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