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Parkside renews Cré accreditation for compostable flexible packaging range

Packaging Solutions

Parkside has once again secured accreditation from the Composting & Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland (Cré) for its innovative paper compostable triplex HCPT1 packaging, developed for industrial composting via food waste collections.

Cré certification accredits packaging products to rigorous EU standards and tests them in an Irish industrial composting plant to ensure they are suitable for Irish conditions, climate and infrastructure. The accreditation is in place to assure Irish consumers that packaging is demonstrably sustainable and can be placed into existing waste streams.

Paul McKeown, divisional sales director – speciality at Parkside, commented: ‘New legislation and an increased drive towards sustainability are resulting in many plastic substrates being phased out of packaging. We are moving far away from linear and outdated ‘take, make, waste’ models, which is fantastic for the industry at large.

‘As a leading name in sustainable flexible packaging, this means we need to prove to our customers that they are utilising sustainable solutions, such as compostable packaging, that makes a real difference. Having the Cré logo on our packaging demonstrates that we’re playing our part in making sustainability more meaningful.

‘Renewing our Cré accreditation was an important goal for Parkside as we continue to expand our presence in the Irish market. It demonstrates our strong long term focus on packaging solutions that work for brands and shoppers alike.’

To be certified compostable by Cré, suitable biopolymer materials must first be accredited by TUV (formerly Vincotte), the accrediting body for Europe, and then undergo stringent testing by the awarding body to EU standards.

‘The Cré accreditation gives true recognition to our innovative compostable packaging, and it is also added peace of mind for our customers. Our success in this area means that environmentally aware brand owners, retailers and consumers across Ireland have a choice of high barrier packs that can be disposed of in a composting environment,’ added Paul.

Following the successful tests and renewal of its accreditation, Parkside can continue using the Cré logo on its bio based packaging sold in Ireland to help consumers and councils recognise compostable packaging material and dispose of it accordingly.

The compostable packaging created by Parkside forms part of its award-winning sustainability portfolio and is fully home and industrially compostable, breaking down completely within 26 weeks. The packaging is also tested for eco toxicity and other criteria against EN 13432 regulations.


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