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Parkside supports ‘All Real Nutrition’ as it takes a big step in the Irish market

Packaging Solutions

Parkside continues to provide its support to All Real Nutrition as the company expands its reach in the Irish market after it secured a permanent listing with a large retailer.

Parkside and All Real Nutrition initially worked together in 2020 to launch the company’s first ever range of healthy, natural protein bars in compostable packaging. The move represented a further step in the brand’s sustainability journey, utilising a new pack specifically designed to provide a practical, sustainable option that benefits the environment without compromising the quality of the product.

Co-founder of All Real Nutrition, Niall Harty, commented: ‘We have a great relationship with Parkside, and the solution it created for us in 2020 is industry leading. We are continuing to grow from strength to strength and this has resulted in us securing a significant listing with Tesco Ireland. As ever, the Parkside team was on hand to provide support and ensure we could fulfil those orders.’

The compostable solution created by Parkside fully breaks down within 26 weeks, depending on the efficiency of the compost setting. The materials then return to the soil, leaving no adverse effects on the environment.

The packaging combines two innovative substrate technologies in bio based paper and metallised NatureFlex cellulose films developed by Futamura, manufactured from sustainably sourced wood pulp.

The packaging has also secured accreditation from the Composting & Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland (Cré) for its innovative paper compostable triplex HCPT1 packaging, developed for industrial composting via food waste collections.

Cré certification accredits packaging products to rigorous EU standards and tests them in an Irish industrial composting plant to ensure they are suitable for Irish conditions, climate and infrastructure.

Staci Bye, business unit manager at Parkside, said: ‘All Real Nutrition is an example of a business uplifting sustainability the right way – without compromise. It was a huge privilege for us to be asked to support them on this significant project.

‘The new listing with Tesco is a huge milestone for the company as it continues to establish a strong foothold in Ireland. We are of course, extremely proud of this packaging project, and it has been great supporting the All Real Nutrition team in delivering this great looking solution to the Irish market!’


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