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Premier secures exclusive distribution rights for Diplast

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Premier has announced its exclusive partnership with Diplast, a leading twin wall fluted polypropylene used for short term signage applications. This strategic move ensures Premier's exclusive distribution rights for Diplast throughout the UK and Ireland (GPMI), with next day delivery.


Diplast, known for its durability, lightweight construction, and recyclability, offers bespoke sizes, colours and thicknesses, making it a versatile choice for various applications. The material is not only an excellent choice for reliability but is also aligned with sustainability goals. This aligns with the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, as Diplast can be easily recycled and even carbon captured through Premier's innovative carbon capture scheme in the UK and, carbon balanced in Ireland through GPMI.


Steve Jones, director of display sheets and thermoplastics at Premier, expressed his enthusiasm for the exclusive distribution of Diplast. ‘This partnership marks a significant milestone for Premier,’ he said. ‘Diplast is a fantasic product for the signage industry, and our exclusive rights ensure that our clients can access this high quality brand with unparalleled convenience.’


The versatile applications of Diplast extend across various industries, including point of sale, signage, packaging, and tri-signs/bollard protectors. The product's adaptability makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and sustainable materials for their marketing and display needs.


Premier encourages businesses to explore the benefits of Diplast and how it can elevate their marketing efforts.


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