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In the growing world of personalisation TheMagicTouch has again created another great opportunity for customers to benefit from the massive potential of personalised shoes and footwear. This easy method to personalise and decorate all kinds of shoes and footwear is using the new DTF transfer and toner based processes.

Jim Nicol, managing director, explained ‘Twenty-five years ago we were very fortunate to engage with many leading established shoe and fashion footwear brands that wanted to create limited edition designs and incorporate full colour images. The pioneer then and still today is Dr Martens, originally in Northamptonshire, where limited edition full colour designs could be produced within the normal production facility. However, at the time the entry level cost of the digital transfer printers and equipment was very high plus having to construct the finished footwear after the design had been printed to the specific leather panel eliminated this to many potential users.’

Today, TheMagicTouch confirms it offers various full colour transfer options for the decoration of all types of footwear. Using a combination of both toner based and DTF transfers full colour images can be applied directly to almost any type of trainers, sliders, sports boots, safety shoes and sandals for example within a minute using one of the many hand held irons designed for intricate transfer applications and used extensively within the craft market. The printed and cured DTF transfers are easily applied to almost any part of the footwear with minimal risk of damage or rejects. In fact, transfers applied can be easily and quickly removed using traditional flex and HTV removal sprays.

The finished transfer is vibrant and more importantly durable. The advantages of the DTF transfer technology include no cutting, no weeding, and no pre-treatment. Plus, full colour digital transfers at the lowest cost ever!

Jim added, ‘At the moment, globally the choice of personalisation to footwear is limited and also very expensive. The offerings from some of world leading sports shoe brands is restricted to simple single colour names with a limited choice of positioning. Customers can now create custom footwear easily, quickly and profitably.’

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