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Renz extends its protective equipment range

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been recommended to keep your distance, follow hygiene rules, and wear masks. Now, regular ventilation of rooms in which several people are present, is also being recommended. During the summer months open windows were not a problem in pleasant temperatures, but now, with the onset of winter, complaints are increasing in offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms and above all school classrooms.

To counter this, the Renz has been developing a CO2 traffic light, which it calls Air2Color. This repeatedly measures CO2 concentration (exhaled in our breath) and with a 360° circulating light band, which is visible from all sides, and gives a recommendation whether and when a room should be ventilated. Using the traffic light colours green (all fine), yellow (ventilation recommended) and red (ventilation required), the system is easy to understand for everyone. As soon as the air is clean again, the windows can be closed.

Renz normally specialises in binding, systems for the office products and printing industries. However, right at the beginning of the pandemic, it diversified and built up an efficient production capability for EN certified face shields, urgently required especially in hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and throughout the general population.

‘Since the beginning of the crisis our product range has expanded to include various types of masks, disinfectant dispensers, hygiene door openers and multi hygiene hooks. We are pleased to introduce the new Air2Color to the UK. This newly developed CO2 traffic light, with its easy to understand colour indicator, provides the signal to regularly ventilate indoor areas thus helping to improve air quality and aerosol pollution,’ commented Iain Bullock, managing director of Renz (UK).


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