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Save Our Souls Launches Buy That Merch Platform with Kornit Digital

Direct to Garment Solutions

UK based Save Our Souls Clothing has implemented the Kornit Storm HD6 Lite system for just in time production of its ‘alternative’ custom apparel.

Replacing a fleet of smaller, low capacity digital direct to garment (DTG) machines, the Kornit system has enabled the company to scale its business upward with minimal time and labour needs.

Save Our Souls offers print services to a community of artists ‘driven by a love of tattoos, music, art, and life’, with a growing catalogue of designs applied to a variety of apparel at the time it is ordered, ensuring minimal inventory waste and carbon footprint.

The success of the Kornit implementation, which enabled the brand to produce higher quantities with a single operator while eliminating pre-treatments and heat presses from the process, has empowered the company to launch the Buy That Merch platform for artists, broadcasters, and musicians to produce and sell their own merchandise directly, without the fees associated with existing online marketplaces.

‘With the Kornit, you can print pretty much anything, so when we work with artists, they can just do what they love, and we can print it,’ said Marc Carter, finance director at Save Our Souls. ‘It changed everything. We could market more, bring more business on, and we didn’t need as much staff as we needed prior to that, so it is actually more cost effective. Our monthly cost has actually dropped, and maintenance is next to nothing.’

Adding the Kornit Storm HD6 Lite has provided Save Our Souls with consistency, quality, and reliability to print, pack, and ship most orders in a single day, offering customers an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back.

‘We can’t really stress enough how instrumental the Kornit has been in our growing as a business,’ said Stacey Donaghue, owner at Save Our Souls. ‘To anyone who is considering upgrading to a Kornit machine, it is the best decision you will ever make. It costs quite a bit of money, but you will make that back really quickly through the amount of business you can take on, and the speed in which you can actually get orders out, which just allows you to do other things and concentrate on growing your business.’

Stacey Donaghue and Marc Carter.


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