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Siegwerk publishes 2023 sustainability report

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Siegwerk has launched its sustainability report 2023, showcasing the company’s dedication to transforming to a truly sustainable business. 


In the 2023 sustainability report, it provides a comprehensive overview of its sustainable business strategy ‘HorizonNow’, including details on its 2025 sustainability targets and progress for the years 2020 to 2022. Through quantitative metrics, Siegwerk transparently presents its achievements, challenges, and initiatives across all focus areas, including qualitative milestones for 2023.


‘Siegwerk’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere compliance; we are weaving it into the fabric of our corporate ethos,’ said head of global sustainability and circular economy Alina Marm.


This report reflects Siegwerk’s leading position to drive innovation in safe, circular, and digital packaging solutions. By working closely with its customers, brand owners, and other vital partners, it aims to shape the future of sustainable packaging.


You can read the full report here


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