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How to create a sustainable business in a circular economy

Holmen Iggesund is to hold its second Unbox webinar.

Unbox #2 explores one of the biggest challenges and gamechangers ahead – the transition to a circular economy. Government regulations such as the European Green Deal and consumers are now pushing brands across industries to rethink everything from product development to design and recycling systems. How can we create a sustainable business in a circular economy? And what role can packaging play?

Speakers include Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, global sustainability and innovation director for the premium clothes brand Gant; Elodie Ternaux, who formed Hyloh, a global consultancy network that works with brands, governments, material manufacturers and academia to make a positive impact through the application of materials, processes, and circular design thinking; and Jon Haag, chief circular officer at &Repeat, a Swedish start up striving to make the world more circular.

You can register Unbox #2 for here

Holmen has also just released a new film to showcase sustainability. Watch it below.


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