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Signbox hails impact of Latex 300

Wide Format Solutions

Surrey based architectural signage solutions provider Signbox has praised the role its duo of HP Latex 300 Series printers played in an innovative project.

The project saw the company, in partnership with HLW Architects and BW Interiors, produce a wide range of signage and interior décor for Pernod Ricard, the company behind world famous drinks brands such as Jameson, Havana Club, Beefeater, Malibu and Jacob’s Creek.

Signbox was tasked with delivering a brand experience to various meeting rooms and areas throughout the new Pernod Ricard UK headquarters at Chiswick Park in West London. Pernod Ricard moved to the facility in September 2020 and most of the work was conducted during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The project included a range of 3D lettering and signage alongside of stunning wallpaper backdrops – all of which were printed on Signbox’s HP Latex Series printers. The company printed the designs on Digimurawallcovering media, a product selected for its environmental credentials and fire-retardant qualities.

‘The Latex printers produce first class quality print on any job we run, and this was no exception,’ said Signbox managing director Mark Bartlett. ‘The inks conform so much better to Digimura than other inks; we don’t get the issue of ink sitting on the surface and it doesn’t crack.

‘We are also really happy with the colour gamut. Even if you are running pieces from the same job on two different machines, the colours will always match.’

The flexibility of the printer meant Signbox was able to create all sorts of clever effects for each room.

Signbox’s wider work in the past year or so has included a significant amount of social distancing print and applications, produced during the difficult days of the pandemic when other work slowed down.

The Latex 300 printers switched from their usual interior design work to output hundreds of metres of social distancing graphics, with both machines running at full capacity to satisfy huge demand from multiple sectors.

‘The printers were absolute workhorses when we were supplying the social distancing graphics,’ Mark said. ‘In fact, we produced so much that around 25% of our total turnover last year was social distancing work – and the majority of the printed vinyl went through the two Latex devices.’


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