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Sun Chemical brings increased sustainability to SunWave Lumina LED-UV sheetfed inks

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Sun Chemical has announced significant upgrades to its SunWave Lumina UV sheetfed inks for commercial printing. The new, improved inks are available now in the European market.

The modified formulations no longer require EU ‘health hazard’ labelling. They also meet the exacting environmental standards of Nordic Swan eco labelling and are fully compliant with EuPIA raw material guidelines. Furthermore, SunWave Lumina UV inks are deinkable according to Ingede (International Association of the Deinking Industry) Method 11 criteria, which assesses the recyclability of printed products.

Featuring low energy curing performance on all sheetfed press types, the inks are designed for process standard offset printing to ISO12647 and they consistently deliver outstanding levels of productivity at very high print quality, and with excellent dot gain. The latest highly reactive UV resin system offers exceptional curing with UV-LED and low energy mercury lamps in both single and double sided printing.

Jonathan Sexton, marketing manager, energy curing products Europe, said: ‘This announcement represents just the latest step in Sun Chemical's ongoing drive for continuous improvement in sustainability and environmental responsibility. We are proud to be a technology leader in low energy UV curing and we will continue to leverage this expertise to keep improving sustainability criteria across our product range.

‘SunWave Lumina UV inks were already highly regarded for their class leading printability and low energy curing performance under LED and low energy mercury systems. Having boosted the sustainability of the range still further, we are delighted to have had this recognised by Nordic Swan.’


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