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Sustainable luxury with Cotone Nero Felt

Packaging Solutions

Cotone Nero Felt is Manter's new self-adhesive paper included in the premium and eco friendly cotton range.

Made from 100% pure cotton fibres, a yearly renewable plant, Cotone Nero Felt is an uncoated feltmarked self-adhesive paper, which thanks to its deep black colour added directly to the paper pulp, is ideal for premium brands to transmit luxury and sophistication. This feltmarked version adds a textured look and feel to the label and is perfect for labels on high added value products such as wines, spirits, champagne, gourmet food, craft beer, and cosmetics.

Luxury is in the detail. This deep black pulp coloured paper is ideal for embossing and debossing finishes, making it the perfect choice for label designers to create something extra special whether using it as a blank canvas or to create the most elegant contrast effects. Being pulp coloured, this premium self-adhesive paper ensures a sophisticated and refined look with the unsightly white backside and edges on the label avoided.

Cotone Nero Felt is paired with SH9020, a permanent adhesive specifically developed to provide the wine industry with excellent resistance in severe damp conditions and through temperature fluctuations. It can also be combined with SH6020 Plus, an adhesive specifically developed to reposition a misapplied label within a few minutes from the label dispensation on the bottle.

This new self-adhesive paper opens up a world of creative possibilities for those looking to inspire and innovate with environmentally friendly labels that are sure to capture the attention of the discerning consumer.


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