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Sustainable packaging for Rivièra Maison

Packaging Solutions

Rivièra Maison is an international lifestyle brand selling around 3000 accessories and furniture for in and around the house. Its brand focuses on creating spaces that feel like home, offering exclusivity, atmosphere and customer service.

The firm is an international presence, with 550 dealers and 23 of its own stores around the world. It also provides e-commerce for consumers, and a business to business branch that serves hotels, restaurants, offices and other business premises.

When it first talked to Ranpak, Rivièra Maison was seeking a complement to its current range of packaging, especially for vulnerable products such as ceramics and glassware which needed to be better protected.

Improved sustainability was a priority. The firm wanted to reduce environmental impact, by ‘going green’ with paper protective packaging. This was needed both to reflect brand values, and to avoid potential reputational damage if packaging materials received adverse publicity.

Customer experience was a further driver. A pivotal part of the Rivièra Maison offer is that clean, well presented products must arrive intact at end customers – creating the feeling that they have received a ‘gift’ into their home.

Ranpak proposed its paper based Geami solution to protect vulnerable products during delivery. Geami converters create a protective 3D paper honeycomb structure. They are designed to integrate directly into existing packaging lines, and all of Rivièra Maison’s packaging stations are now equipped with a Geami HV converter.

The firm opted for brown die cut paper, combined with white tissue paper featuring the Rivièra Maison logo. During the Christmas period the packaging is switched from white tissue paper to black, for a premium seasonal unboxing experience.

Customer satisfaction for the web shop has risen to 4.6 out of 5, attributed in part to clean and sustainable product presentation. Sustainability is important to Rivièra Maison’s end customers, with 81% of them believing that it is very important for companies to protect the environment. Geami is 100% paper based, kerbside recyclable and made from renewable resources.

Following implementation, damages have fallen, confirming the protective capabilities of the paper packaging material.


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