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TGS releases Flow 24.03, bringing improved performance, user experience, connectivity and insights

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Tallon Graphic Solutions (TGS), software provider of artwork management systems for brands and consumer product groups, has announced the spring version of its artwork management software, Flow 24.03. Flow provides a professionally managed SaaS platform to streamline, track, and approve packaging designs and artwork on the go.


With this new version, Flow pushes the pedal down on its Proof Client to get unparalleled speed and efficiency in the artwork approval process. Flow is now supported by a more robust platform for reliable processing speeds and improved user experience. Benchmarks reveal that complex files process up to 10 times faster – without interrupting current user expectations.


Flow 24.03 debuts a new ‘Store’ which extends Flow’s functionalities on demand with add ons. The Store offers various connectors to world class DAM solutions such as Mediavalet, Tenovos and Sharedien. The new quality inspection module allows for preflight of incoming artwork, identifying problems in an early stage. Data driven decision making is enhanced with the new integrated Report Designer module, so users can craft dynamic reports based on metrics that are most important to them and provide them with a clear view on organisational performance. Furthermore, customers can track time allocated to each project.


Improvements to the user experience have been made with the introduction of tags. Based on metadata definition, customers can group, search and report on projects, jobs and assets. They can also link tasks within a project and classify them as parent or child jobs. This allows customers to receive a clearer lifecycle of projects and set up job dependencies and automations. Additional features include bulk job imports from Excel and an out of office assistant for seamless handovers of in-house tasks.



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