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Thermal Cron CTP system does the job for Northend

Print Solutions

Sheffield based Northend has replaced an aging UV CTP system with a Cron 36G+ thermal system supplied by SOS (Service Offset Supplies). There were several reasons for the Cron buy according to production director Richard Green, with the need to move to more environment friendly production to the fore.

‘This is the latest in a series of investments aimed at carbon balancing our business, which included a low power SRA1 press and stitching line,’ he said. ‘As it is now possible to use processless plates with our LED-UV offset press, we decided it was time to upgrade our platemaking to a cleaner system with no chemical or water waste.’ There were many other practical benefits to the new Cron machine, according to Richard. ‘We were getting quality issues with our old system, which relied on regular attention and maintenance to perform at the required level,’ he said. ‘The new machine is much more ‘dummy proof’ and saves time and manpower, so we get more reliable quality and a higher throughput. Also, the lower footprint and clean operation mean we have been able to relocate platemaking into our digital room.’ He added that the choice of supplier was also a factor. ‘We had choices in a similar price range but we went with SOS because we have always found its support to be exceptional.’ Pre-press operator Chris Morley agreed. ‘SOS is friendly and on the phone whenever you need it – it has opened our eyes to a different type of service,’ he said. ‘The installation was quick and integration with our pre-press software was seamless. A lot of machines on the market are hard to operate, but with the Cron it is press and play!’


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