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Transcend partners with Klüber to deliver paper straws manufactured with eco food grade lubricant

Packaging Solutions

Transcend Packaging has partnered with one the world’s leading manufacturers of speciality lubricants, Klüber.

Using Klüberfood 4DC (direct contact) vegetable based technical processing aid in the manufacturing process of its paper straws, Transcend will be able to remove all traces of mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) and mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) from the production process, delivering an enhanced straw product to the market.

Currently, while across the UK, Ireland and Europe there is no homogenous standard method for MOSH or MOAH analysis, there is legislation around the migration of MOAH components from packaging to food and drink products. However, there are calls from industry organisations to tighten standards regarding these substances in both the manufacturing process of the end food and drink products and its packaging. In some EU countries, such as France, the wheels are already in motion to prohibit packaging from containing MOSH and MOAH (where the mass concentration in the ink or the designated product of these substances is greater than 0.1%), with regulation coming into place on 1 January 2025.

The partnership with Klüber allows Transcend to continue to go the extra mile and evolve the production process, creating an enhanced experience for both customers and end users, by applying an even safer, higher quality lubricant to machinery. By switching to Klüberfood 4DC, Transcend is not only answering demands from some of the world’s largest food and drink brands to completely eliminate traces of mineral oil residue now, but making its products compliant for future legislation which will likely come into effect across Europe, the UK and Ireland.

The strategic partnership will enhance Transcend’s sustainability credentials – Klüberfood 4DC facilitates lower lubricant consumption by optimising performance and application to reduce waste generation. What is more, Klüber manufactures the Klüberfood 4DC product with 100% food grade ingredients from sustainable sources and of vegetable origin, free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and allergens, this also ensures they are Halal and Kosher. This is in contrast to wax based lubricants which often consist of high molecular synthetic polymeric chains, additives and oil (mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon).

Lorenzo Angelucci, CEO of Transcend Packaging, said: ‘Each manufacturer has a responsibility to find the best available solution and maintain the safest possible manufacturing process – especially when it comes to products which are used with food and beverages. At Transcend, we are never happy with standing still and are always on the lookout for new ways to develop our existing product portfolio for an even more sustainable future and to stay ahead of shifting regulation and policies.

‘We know there is going to be tighter legislation focusing on consumer safety coming into force which will impact products used in the food service and FMCG industry. We can already see that happening with France’s ban on the use of mineral oils in packaging materials. We want to be proactive and give our customers the opportunity to commit to the highest possible level of safety. This partnership with Klüber allows us to do that by strengthening our paper straw proposition. For FMCG and hospitality/QSR businesses who are coming under increasing pressure from shareholders, customers and staff, this gives a solution so they can continue to demonstrate implementation of enhanced food safety and sustainability practices.’

Estelle Robinson, UK market sector manager for UK food and beverage at Klüber Lubrication GB Ltd, explains how specialty lubricants help the food, beverage and packaging industries increase productivity, reduce maintenance tasks, and achieve higher safety standards, saying: ‘Food safety is a serious topic, in terms of consumer products being manufactured and the production processes involved, which is why we put compliance and safety at the forefront of all we do and were the first lubricants manufacturer to raise awareness of the MOSH/MOAH topic. As the market leaders we have developed our innovative 4DC range of processing aids, which can be used in the manufacture of food packaging such as beverage cans or paper straws, protecting everything that comes into direct contact. Food and beverages packaged for consumption out of home, on the go, or for delivery directly to consumers continues to play an integral part in the active lifestyles of many. Our innovative product developments meet both regulatory standards and commercial objectives to be more sustainable and ensure consumer safety.’

Transcend launched its first paper straw in 2019 ahead of the EU Single Use Plastic (SUP) ban, becoming the first major producer of paper straws in Europe.

Today it is a leader in paper straw production, providing these and other items, such as cups, moulded fibre lids and cartons to global brands including McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks.

Klüberfood 4DC is produced in an ISO 21469 certified production facilities which are compliant to produce food grade lubricants as recognised by NSF International.


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