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Welsh whisky rebrand to improve sustainability

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As Wales continues to push towards net positive targets, Penderyn Distillery – the celebrated Welsh whisky company, with three distilleries across Wales – has announced the release of several popular bottlings rebranded with sustainability in mind.

‘We are as conscious as anyone when it comes to cutting back on material use,’ said Stephen Davies, CEO of the distillery. ‘To start, that means reducing the amount of glass we use in every bottle produced.’

Three bottles in the new low glass Dragon Range ­– Myth, Legend, and Celt – will be making their way to supermarket shelves and online storefronts from early August. The launch provides Penderyn fans and whisky lovers across Wales with a great opportunity to do more for the environment.

‘The new range is a complete overhaul of some of our best loved single malts and bottlings,’ said Stephen Davies. ‘That means each of our low glass whiskies still provides the same texture and taste our customers love – but they can feel less guilty about waste and emissions.

‘Our design experts have taken serious time and effort to completely overhaul the packaging and labels, too ­– it is not just the bottles that are getting facelifts.

‘Customers should start looking out for our new Dragon redesigns, too. We are working towards more sustainable bottlings that reduce material, but still look sharp and stylish. The new Dragon bottling is one of the best looking products we have ever created – and that is even before you sample the taste!’

Penderyn’s commitment to the planet doesn’t stop at reducing materials. The brand’s working hard to crack down on its overall carbon footprint, and it has estimated a reduction in CO2 of approximately 50 tonnes per year with this latest initiative.

‘We are reducing carbon and glass as much as possible,’ continued Stephen Davies. ‘Both make up the majority of our emissions, and with more and more of our customers thinking carefully about reducing their own waste, we really wanted to take some initiative of our own.

‘On top of reducing materials used, we are also encouraging colleagues to switch to EV through a salary sacrifice scheme. We want to continue producing, selling and talking about Welsh Whisky up and down the UK – and beyond, of course – but to do that, we have the responsibility to rethink how much carbon we’re pushing back out into the atmosphere.’


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